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Global Virtual Teams

Preparation, Implementation and Management of Global Virtual Teams

This project analyses the management of global virtual teams, i.e. management of teams where team members are dispersed across distance: Country borders and/or cultures.

Specific recommendations

The purpose of the project is to formulate specific recommendations for organisations with the intention of improving the collaboration in permanent, global virtual teams with focus on areas such as efficiency, speed and fulfillment of goals for the team. Or in other words how companies better and faster can enable managers and employees to work within permanent, global virtual teams.

The project is divided into 2 phases

The first phase took place during the autumn of 2011 and was an examination of existing research in the area, and the conclusions of this resulted in a published article. The article concludes that there exists a large amount of research within the area, and that this research as well as practice in organisations until now has primarily focused on management of virtual global project teams, i.e. temporary teams.

The digital natives

Furthermore, the article foresees that based on increasing globalisation; a large amount of company consolidations, increasing cooperation between organisations in terms of out- or insourcing will become a trend which will lead companies to increasingly form permanent organisations across country borders and cultures. And that especially 2 factors facilitate this development: the constant improvement of communication technology as well as a new generation of employees, “the digital natives”, who are not familiar with a life without digital communication.

Permanent global virtual teams

The second phase took place during 2012 and was conducted as an action-based research project in a Danish company with a global market. The purpose was to examine how companies can improve, implement and manage permanent global virtual teams based on the company’s own reality. That means implementing general knowledge about the virtual teams specifically in relation to the company’s vision, strategy, values, culture, market situation, customer type, etc.

 Project Manager

Tine Svane Hansen

Head of education
Tel.: (+45) 87 55 42 30